Monday, May 4, 2009


So yesterday we ended up not going to see the Wolverine movie because I didn't feel good. I was feeling really congested and a little short of breath. I did an extra treatment and Danny did manual cpt and I still didn't feel any better so I decided I would call my dr first thing in the morning to tell him im not feeling well. I don't want to wait until I can't breath at all to check myself in like I did last time when I was REALLY sick, if I catch it early I might not have to stay in as long and then I can still make the trip to see my aunt and uncle for memorial day weekend!

Sunday evening we had Danny's brother and his wife and our friends Curt and Karen come over and we played Scene It: Squabble. Its a battle of the sexes type game and its HILARIOUS to play! The boys won but we are convinced the game likes them better they always get the easy questions!! By the end of the night I was feeling a lot better and this morning I feel ok but I still can feel the congestion a little bit so I am going to be admitted....I am just waiting for them to call me and say there is a bed available.

I will let you all know how I am doing once I see my doctor.


OceanDesert said...

Ah dang Jen, sorry you need to go to the joint! Hope you feel better soon and you can make that Mem. Day trip!!! Hugs from your cysta!

CFlover said...

Sorry to hear your feeling down =(
I hope you get to escape the prision soon and feel much better!!

Tina said...

Take care and feel better soon! Good for you for nipping it in the bud.