Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a long week!

I am SO glad last week is over!

Not only did I have 2 days of fevers...but I also spent 2 days over a trash can throwing up anything I ate or drank! It was NOT fun.

On Wednesday I felt better as far as no fevers went but then I started having my joint pain. So by Thursday my doctor had given me Tylenol w/codeine because nothing else was helping the pain. My pain started to go away but then the codeine messed up my stomach and that's what was making me get sick. I started throwing up Thursday at midnight (Friday morning) and was up all night getting/feeling sick. So ALL day Friday I was NPO and getting continuous IV fluids (so I wouldn't dehydrate) and Zofran every 8 hours for the nausea. I was able to eat a little bit by Sunday but it wasn't till yesterday my appettite got back to normal. Luckily not eating for 2 days didn't affect my weight at all which is surprising.

So now that the week from hell is over hopefully I can kick my health into high gear so that I can be discharged by next week.....I have a trip to go on! :)


Jackie said...

I am happy you are feeling better! Don't worry...you will go on your trip next week and have fun!!

Tina said...

Why don't the docs think ahead? Grrrr they know codeine is going to cause a back-up. I hate to see anyone suffer when it could be so easily avoided.
Sorry that's the nurse in me.
I'm glad you are feeling better and I'm sure you'll be tip-top for your trip. Have fun!

feafer said...

It's the awesome nurses, that take good care of you