Monday, January 18, 2010

ER Visit

A week ago I started having stomach/back pains but thought it was because of PMS so I just took Motrin and dealt with it thinking it would be over in a few days.

Well when Wednesday came around and by then I was still in ALOT of pain and meds and a heating pad didn't even dull the pain I started to get worried. So by like 9:00pm I knew I wasn't going to make it through the night because I couldn't get comfortable...nothing helped it, not sitting, not standing, not laying on my side I was miserable! So I decided I should go to the ER.

Because it was so late already and I knew Danny had to get up super early for work I called my sister-in-law and she came and picked me up. While on the way to the ER I texted my friend Felicia who works on the hospital floor I usually get admitted to to see if she was working and luckily she was! She also had a friend working in the ER that night so she called downstairs to let them know I was coming in so when I got there I got brought right back and didn't have to wait in the waiting room at all (thank goodness!)

Right away they got IV's started and blood work drawn. I got an EKG done, xrays done, and an ultrasound done. They thought at first maybe I was having gallbladder issues. All while doing this they were giving me morphine for my pain which helped right away.

6 hours later and my wonderful SIL STILL with me they still didn't know what was wrong with me except that my gallbladder looked fine and so did all my other test except that my WBC was up to 25,000. So they called my doc and they admitted me which I figured they might do so luckily I packed a bag and my laptop! :)

Once upstairs my doctor had them xray my lower back and my stomach and then my SIL went home at like 4:30am and at around 6 I finally got to bed!

When my DR came in the next morning he told me that he looked over my xrays and the problem I was having was that I was full of crap...LITERALLY!! So he put me on a full liquid diet for 2 days (I was starving!!) and I had to drink tons of mirolax along with them giving me reglen (sp??) all to help me go...

The weird thing about this whole thing is that I was going fine at home so it shocked me to hear that I was "backed up" but apparently that can still happen in people with CF. I am telling you if something weird is gonna happen to WILL happen with me!

So now I am still drinking the miralax twice a day (which miralax is just fiber) and apparently its something that I might have to drink all the time now which I am not looking that forward to. Oh well.

In the mean time I was planning on coming in today anyway for a "tune-up" before my birthday so looks like I am here for awhile. I am still having a little bit of stomach pain but its definitely not as bad as it was. I will keep you posted!


Jess said...

Are you at Shands? I just got put on Miralax myself, stupid mucus everywhere, we can't escape it!

Jen said...

No, I am at the hospital where I live.

Katey said...

That's so weird..because that's exactly how I was feeling this last hospital stay towards the end. The pain was so intense I was taking morphine, Dilaudid, and a lot more. My stomach was huge too and the back pain was awful. They did xrays, ultrasounds...and they said I was full of crap too. And the odd thing was I was going fine...everything was functioning. I started doing the Miralax (I occasionally do it at home). Evidently, as soon as I got off the IV abx, it resolved itself. But I've never had an xray that showed that, nor the pain I was having. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Miralax works really well, but you have to find a good balance...sometimes you can take too much :) Hope you are feeling better and the issue is resolving quickly!

OceanDesert said...

Just checkin' in on ya, Jen! Hope you're feeling better! xo

22 said...