Thursday, January 28, 2010

Health Update..

I know I haven't posted anything lately but honestly I haven't been in the mood to and the darn Internet at the hospital is so slow its annoying!

Today was 2 weeks from the time I was admitted from the ER. There isn't any more pain in my stomach (thank goodness) so now I am working on getting the old lungs up to speed so I can feel better and go home.

So, the 2 test I had on my stomach came back and they think they have the problems narrowed down.

The first one was to see if my gallbladder contracted like it was supposed. Well shock of all shockers mine is "dysfunctional." They do some sort of calculations to see if your gallbladder contracts like its supposed to with 30% or higher being considered "normal." Mine is 25% so its not that bad that I need to risk surgery.

The 2nd test I had to eat scrambled eggs that had contrast in it and then lay under a camera for two hours so they could watch my food being digested. What they found out is that my stomach was emptying to slow and that's what was causing my pain (they're pretty sure)
so they gave me Reglan via IV while I was still under the camera and my stomach emptied right away. Reglan increases muscle contractions in the upper digestive tract increasing the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines. So now they have me taking it by mouth 30 min before I eat lunch and dinner. I haven't had any pain since late last week so I'm glad for that.

As for my lungs my Dr just switched one of my abx yesterday and started me on 50mg of prednisone so I am sure I will be feeling up to par soon. I am most likely going home Tuesday so I will be home for my bday but will probably be going home with one last week of IV's.

OK well I am gonna go try and find something to watch on TV...I just finished ALL 3 seasons of Mad Men and now I have to watch normal television again! Thanks Sara for recommending it to me I LOVED it and I am going to have my mom watch it next!


Jess said...

Darn slow stomach! Are you at your local hospital or Shands? Hope you get out soon and without pain!

OceanDesert said...

Hope the abx switch is working well for you!

... Have you watched The Tudors series? I need to rest season 3, it's out on DVD now...Another favorite of mine..

Glad you are going home soon! xo