Thursday, September 11, 2008


I haven't felt that great today.

I had an issue last night when I was having my medi-port accessed. It made a weird popping noise and the one nurse who was in here made the comment that I probably needed to have surgery and get a new me being the anxiety queen that I am immediately got upset which then through me into a bronco spasm and I felt like I couldn't breath. My doctor luckily was here and he told me that my port was fine (it flushes and draws back blood great) and that it was probably just scar tissue and that I needed to calm down. I get upset very easily and sometimes I cause more problems for myself because of that!

I just think that the nurse shouldn't have just jump to that conclusion so fast without thinking of any other possibility....I mean she jumped right to my port was crap and I need a new one. Of course I would get upset...GEEZ!

So this morning when I woke up I was feeling ok...but all day today my sats have been on the low side and my chest has felt tight and of course because I was wanting to see my doc tonight to see what he thought he didn't make a second round so I have to wait until the morning.

Good news for Sara...she finished her physical therapy and has been released to go home!! Her and Mike will start there road trip home tomorrow. My thoughts are with you guys as you start your journey safe!


OceanDesert said...

thanks SO much Jen!!! I hope you feel better SOON! I agree with you, the nurse jumped to conclusions and should have just had a doc check it out w/o making her own "diagnosis!" I totally sympathize with your "hospital/nursing" stories!! I have a million of 'em too and they are SOOO frustrating when it's happening to you.. BTW, are you still on the "active" list while you're in the hospital?
We are heading out to dinner.. Mike wanted to take me out one last time b/f we bolt outta here! Thanks again for all your positive comments through this!! I know you will get your call soon and you are going to do fantastically!! Hugs, Sara