Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Fevers!!

Well, yesterday was all day with no fevers...Yeah!!

My cough is already getting better even after only 3 full days of abx. Without going into to much detail so I don't gross people out...a lot of the stuff that I have been brining up has contained hard pieces in it which is most likely part of a mucous plug which was probably causing the pain/discomfort I was having in my chest for a few days earlier this week. So its definitely good news that I am getting all the junk up and out.

My doctor just started me on a new med yesterday and I think it is really helping. Its called mucomyst and it is an aerosol med that is added to the duoneb nebulizer that I do twice a day (4 times in the hospital.) Its to replace the 7% hypertonic saline (that I HATE) that usually comes after my duoneb.

I have hated the 7% for years because when I do the breathing treatment I cough my brains out and get horrible bronchospasms to where I can't breath.....and I could be wrong (not likely) but I don't think that is the point of the medicine! I think its supposed to help you feel better and that isn't what it does for me.

I have my friend Felicia as my nurse today so I know I won't get forgotten about like yesterdays intern nurse. Yesterday I would get hooked up to an abx that only runs for 30 minutes and like 3 hours later the lady would come and unhook me! Now I know I don't have a hot date or anything and its not like I leave my room but it nice to be able to get up and use the rest room without carrying an IV pole there EVERY time!! Its to bad they can't just leave the stuff in here and I would do it myself!!

OK I am done now.... :)


Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear you're already starting to do a bit better. Hey, write about how the mucomyst tastes, I hear it's awful, but I'm curious about it.

feafer said...

Yay, I made an honorable mention. I always aim to please, especially my special patients.