Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a little rant...

The last couple of days I have been getting annoyed and today it finally came to a head!

Usually while I am in the hospital my doctor has me hooked up to lipids at night so I can gain some extra weight. It's supposed to run for 10 hours at night while I am sleeping.

Seems simple....but not only do I have the lipids that need to run but I also have 2 abx, one running every 8 and the other running every 6 hours. The first night the lipids were hung the nurse said she had talked to the pharmacists and they told her the abx and lipids were compatible so they could be run at the same time. Great.

Then, the next night the nurse (a different one) came in and said she talked to another pharmacists and they said absolutely no way are they compatible and when my abx need to be run the lipids need to be stopped.

Well between the lipids the abx and nurses being slow I was hooked up from 10:30pm LAST night until 3:30 this afternoon with no break in between.

Finally, I said to my doctor that they needed to figure out if the abx are compatible or not because it is ridiculous that the same pharmacy gives a different answer everyday. I mean if its not compatible then what does that mean for the days they did run together...did I not get the all the med? Will my port be affected? I mean WTF people??!! This happens all the time and I am tired of it!!

It turns out that it hasn't been "tested" yet so they don't know if its compatible so my doc just said to run them separate to be safe. So now all I need to do is hope the nurses pay attention to there schedule so I am not hooked up to the wall the WHOLE time. The girl tonight came in and went over a "schedule" with me (cause she knew I was unhappy about being hooked up all day) to hopefully have me unhooked by like 9:00am so we will see how that goes.

To answer a question about the doesn't really taste bad but the smell isn't great. It kind of reminds me of well water which if you don't know what that smells like its kind of like rotten eggs. My doctor and the RT were making me think I was going to hate it and honestly it isn't to bad. I absolutely HATE 7% saline so I welcome any alternative and so far its working fine.

Also, today was the first game of the season for my Miami Dolphins and unfortunately Brett Favre and the NY Jets won the game. Its ok though we can only go up from where we were last season so lets just keep thinking good thoughts!


feafer said...

So, did it work out? Did you get disconnected? I mean, what a great nurse am I? I wasn't even on the clock and I hep'd you off. I really rock, I really do. LOL