Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 more days!

I am almost done with my abx...only 2 more days!! I can't wait this itchiness HAS to be over soon.

Also, I would like to pat myself on the back a little bit and say that since I have been home (since last Friday) I have only had 3 cokes! I know that might not sound like a big accomplishment for most but for me that is AMAZING! I couldn't quit cold turkey but I think for someone who drank nothing but coke...only having 3 is pretty good.

I have been drinking a ton of water and some iced tea with a little splenda in it. I haven't noticed a huge difference yet (it hasn't even been a week!) but I know that I am doing a good thing not drinking soda all the time and it will benefit me in the long run.

On a side note...I am kind of annoyed with my tx center. I called them last week and spoke to my coordinator, I told her I needed there OK to start the AzLi clinical trial. She said she would talk to the doctor then call me back....well guess what I haven't heard from her. I just called and left a message so hopefully I hear something tomorrow. I just really want to start this...I will try anything that will allow me to maybe feel better and get my FEV1 up, even if its by 2 points! Anything is an improvement to what it is now.


OceanDesert said...

Jen!!! I am SO proud of you for cutting down on the Coke!! It WILL help you, I promise!

I think it's exciting you get to try the new abx! I wish I had gotten to try it too!! :)

Hopefully these 2 days pass quickly and you can 'stop the itch!'

Tx centers can be a pain like that.. I felt mine were more responsive AFTER my tx probably b/c they felt more "responsible" for my health afterwards.. does that make sense? I sort of felt like they forgot about me sometimes while I was on the wait list..

Jackie said...

Only 3 cokes!!! Considering how many you have when I see pretty much did quit cold turkey!! Congrats!!

Alison said...

Your weakness is COKE, and Mine is PEPSI. Wow, must be a CF thing. I cut down to one a day, cause it's better for us. I drink Caffeine free, and I find it tastes a whole lot better anyhow.

What made you cut back?

If you ever need to vent about anything, I am here. Keep smiling and laughing, it works wonders.

Thinking of you often,

Christy said...

I love the wedding pics.. they are so beautiful!!!

I guess you are finishing up today.. yay! Congrats!!! Go out and celebrate tonight. :)

Good for you on the coke thing. I have 1 cup of coffee now in the morning, and then 2 liters of water the rest of the day. I have gotten so used to that, that I can't even drink a soft drink anymore. Drinking water just makes you feel so much better. Kudos to you!!!