Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Night!

I just had a wonderful night! I got to go out on pass and went to see New Kids on the Block! It was a last minute thing, my mom got two tickets and called me at like 3:30 to see if I was able to leave the hospital for a 7:30 show.

Luckily my doctor ok'd it and we just pushed back a couple of meds so I could come back late. The concert was great and at one point during the show they all walked right by us and Donnie stopped right in front of me. I froze and didn't even take a picture!! Oh well.

It was very funny how most of the women were acting though...can we say mid-life crisis?? One woman had a t-shirt made that said "Sorry Jordan I am married now"...right because other words he'd be all over it! :)

Jonathon and Joey were always my favorite and let me tell you Jonathon has only gotten better with age!

I am going home tomorrow and I was right I will be on abx for another week...I am just glad to be going home. Good Night! XoxoX


OceanDesert said...

Yay for going HOME!!!!

What a fun mom you have!.. sounds like a great night...

Amy said...

That is hysterical!!!! I used to love them! When I first started reading for a minute I thought I was back in the early 90s LOL!!!

Glad you had a great time and can come home today :)