Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrows the day!!

I get to go home tomorrow!! I am going home on abx I am just not sure how long...if I had to guess I would say another week.

My doctor would also like me to start an aerosol that is still in the clinical trials. It is called Aztreonam Lysine for Inhalation. It would be an aerosol 3 times a day every other month (taking the place of the Coliston I do now.) He says I fit in the criteria needed for the study and its supposed to improve your FEV1. I had to call Shands yesterday to get there ok so I am waiting to hear back from them on that.

Has anyone else heard about this study or is anyone else on it already?? I would love to get some feed back on what you all think.


Piper said...

I'm on it and have been since around this time last year. I love it - I feel much less sick when I'm on the AzLi than on TOBI months. I also love the e-flow! You'll be amazed.

As for FEV1, it did bring mine up, but not the 10 point jump some people have seen. Closer to 3-5% probably. I went from around a 38% baseline to about 42-44%. Still, any good news is great news at this stage, right?

Amy said...

LOL I was going to say I know someone on it and she loves it! That person would be Piper haha

Good luck with it I hope it helps!!!

sunshine rose said...

i'm doing the study for the inhaled levaquin. and in a couple of month the inhaled powder form of cipro. but the azl i've never had. hope you feel better soon!!