Friday, July 24, 2009

Back in the joint

Well I am back in the hospital AGAIN! When I went in to see my DR on Friday to get signed up for the Azli medicine I told him that I had felt a little tired the last few days and we both agreed to admit me now before it got worse and I was banging down the door trying to get in! So Tuesday I was admitted.

Now of course anybody who knows me or has read this blog while I was in the hospital before knows that the first couple of days (no matter how well I try to be pro-active about coming in) I am in the hospital I get very high fevers and feel 10x worse than when I was admitted before I start to feel better. This admission has been no different...I haven't had any fevers yet today but the day isn't over so I am not holding breath!

With the fevers come chills, then when the fever breaks cause of the motrin I get the sweats and going back and forth with the temp does nothing to help my breathing and I feel very short of breath and then the O2 has to go up.

This brings me to the last couple of days and my nurse. She is a very nice girl and I like her just fine, its just that I feel that she barely comes in here to check on me and I am really not feeling good and when she does come in its like she doesn't get just how not feeling good I am! I don't know I think I am being a little to sensitive because I don't feel good and people tend to get on my nerves a little easier when I am sick but dang people how hard is it to check on your patient to see if she is still breathing when she is on like 6 liters of oxygen!

OK now that that is done on to some good news. I had a meeting scheduled for yesterday afternoon with the Architect and Interior Designer of the hospital but since I was in the hospital the came to me! We went over some of my ideas (which they liked) and they are gonna work on getting everything set up and we are going to meet again in a month to see what they have come up with. Since we obviously can't close the whole unit we can only complete two rooms at a time until the whole project is done but thats ok. I am SO excited and dont worry I will be documenting everything along the way! :)

Have a wonderful weekend and think good thoughts for me so I can start feeling better and go home to my hubby and puppy!!


OceanDesert said...

I am picturing you OUTTA there soon!!! I love it that you are able to plan while still in the joint.. that's awesome!!

Feel better, cys!

Kellee said...

Sorry you feel cruddy.
Hope you bounce back with the quickness!!

Jackie said...

Just think of the nice welcome package you got when you got in! Sorry you have had some bad couple of days, hopefully they are getting better! See you soon!!