Thursday, July 9, 2009

TX Check-Up

Yesterday was my check-up in Gainesville and as I predicted I did great!

I weighed in at 114lbs (which I think is up from 3 months ago when I was there but I forgot to ask what I was last) my six minute walk went great and my FEV1 went up by one percentage point! I know that's not really a big difference but the fact that it didn't go down is good in my book.

So since nothing has really changed I have my next appointment set for 3 months from now. I honestly believe that the fact that I am wearing my oxygen more and in turn I am walking and getting around WAY better than I have in a long time is what is making me feel better. I have lots of energy and I am out of my house enjoying life with family and friends again. Its great!

Tomorrow is my "commercial" for Jen's kids at the hospital along with us presenting the first $30,000 to the hospital to get started on stuff. I am super excited to present the check but not really looking forward to being in the mom is kind of making me do that part! You know with it being "my vision" she says I need to do I am. I just hate being on camera! :(

Next Friday I finally have an appointment with Dr. Faverio to sign all the paper work so that I can have the inhaled Azli. I am really looking forward to starting it and I am hoping it will be beneficial.

I am going to bring my camera tomorrow so hopefully I can get some pictures to post tomorrow night.

Good Night.