Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great couple of days!

Well its Sunday and its the end of a great weekend! The prednisone I got from my doctor did the trick and within a few days the pain was gone and I was able to enjoy the weekend and all the stuff we had to do!

Friday night, was my dads birthday but it was also my moms holiday party for her co-workers so they kind of combined the two parties and Danny and I went down to Naples and had a great time hanging out with everyone at my parents house. I made a yummy German Chocolate Cake (my dads favorite) and surprised him since he didn't know we were coming! :)

Danny and I in front of my mom's Christmas tree!

Saturday, Danny and I did a little last minute errands. I went and spent a butt load of money mailing Danny's grandma her Christmas presents out to Arizona. I kept waiting to send it because Danny's brother was going to get her something and throw it in our box and then he kept not doing it so finally I had to tell him he was on his own....hopefully the box gets to her by Christmas. If it doesn't I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world....but if it was up to me I would have had it shipped a week ago.

Saturday night some friends of ours had a Christmas party. I couldn't go to there party last year because I was sick so it was nice to be out and feeling great last night! The weather was was like 50 degrees last night. LOVE IT! Its not often I get to bust out the jacket. The only problem is I was wearing black flats so my feet were freezing by the time I finally pulled my crazy husband from the party at 2am!! :)

Danny and I and his awesome tuxedo shirt! :)

Me, my cousin Jm and Danny's brother Tony

Me and the hubby...

Today, I was up by 9 (that's right not getting home till 2:30am and then I had to do my vest too and I was still up early!) and then Danny and I went and met up with a childhood friend that I recently re-connected with on facebook. It just so happens that her mom lives in the same town as I do now (45min from where we grew up) and she comes up here to visit her all the time. So we met her over at her mom's house and we had lunch and a TON of christmas cookies! Its such a small world sometimes but it was nice seeing her and boy was it funny when she started pulling out the pictures from when we were like 10!! LOL

Anyway...I had a fabulous weekend and I hope everyone else did too. I am getting a little hungry though so I should try and figure out what is for dinner that is going to require the LEAST amount of energy cause honestly I am running on empty! :)


Piper said...

Yay! Just what I was hoping to read! Great pics and so excited that you'll be feeling good for Christmas!!