Monday, December 14, 2009

This Morning

I woke up this morning at 6am...which never happens unless I have to get up to do something or go somewhere!

Anyway, so I woke up because I was in extreme pain (my joint pain is usually worse after I have been sleeping all night) short of breath and running a temperature. I got up to use the restroom and thats when I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror and I noticed the red spots on my arms which where only a few last night when I went to bed had now multiplied to many all over from my elbow up on BOTH arms!

So after I used the bathroom, did a breathing treatment and took an Ibuprofen I laid back down shivering under the covers until I fell back asleep until about 9am.

Once I woke back up I called my doctors office and told them that I wasn't any better than last week and that my symptoms had even gotten worse and now I was getting SOB too. So the nurse called me back after she talked to the DR and they ended up calling me in 7 days of prednisone.

I have never used prednisone for my joint pain before but Piper had wrote a comment on my last post saying that is what she usually gets when she has similar pain/syptoms so I am hopeful that it will help.

**On a side note Piper had asked a question about my red spots so to answer the spots are not tender to touch and dont really hurt at all. Some almost resemble bug bites (some are flat and some are bumpy like bites) but they are never itchy and if I accidently scratch my arm where they are thats when they hurt a little. Other than that they come and go with the joint pain and they are just there.**

Danny just pulled up so I will probably go downstairs and explain to him how to cook the pork tenderloin for dinner since I am still not able to move that well! Hopefully the prednisone that I just took will kick in soon and make me start feeling better. :)


Piper said...

I sooooo hope the prednisone helps you some. Being in pain is so miserable, especially on top of everything else we deal with! I am definitely keeping you in my thoughts and sending lots of healthy vibes your way for you to feel better soon!