Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So everyone knows I am on O2 all the time. When I am at home I have a concentrator that I use and then for going up and down the stairs or to leave my house I have little "D" tanks with a pulse regulator on them to make them last longer.

Well....last night I went down stairs at 5:00pm like usual to start dinner for when Danny got home from work and I set my tank on the kitchen counter like I always do. I was just getting things out of the fridge when the phone rang so I went to reach for it and it was just out of my reach so I stretched my arm a little to get it and when I did my tank went crashing to the floor and now my regulator is broken!! :(

I called the oxygen company right away because I was so upset and the guy who is my case manager called me back and basically said I had the ONLY pulse regulator in the whole company and he doesn't know if he can get another one. WTH....how can I have the only one?? and even if I did have the only one isn't it his job to order me a new one if the one I have breaks? I mean he is my oxygen supply company!!

For now I have a regular regulator on my tank so at least I can still go down stairs to eat and take Brodie out but it wastes so much oxygen using that kind I hate it.

The guy is supposed to be calling me back today....hopefully with good news.