Saturday, December 12, 2009


The last few days I have had my "arthritis" type pain again. There isn't any rhyme or reason why I get it, I just wake up one day and im in pain.

It usually starts with my wrist, its a little achy like I might have slept on my arm wrong. Then it gradually gets worse moving up my arm to my shoulders and it almost always is accompanied with red spots on my arm and a low grade temp. Sometimes it even effects my knees.

I called my doctor a couple days ago when it first started to hurt more hoping that he could give me something better for the pain because my trusty 600mg Ibuprofen wasn't even touching it.

Danny was gonna pick the prescription up for me at his office if need be but instead my doctor decided to call in Toradol and its not helping. NOW im stuck at home on a Saturday in excruciating pain and I can't even do anything about it until Monday because even IF my doctor is on-call he wouldn't be able to call anything in over the phone.

IM miserable and all I want to do is feel better and not hurt anymore! :(


Piper said...


oh wow, what do the red spots lok like? are they ever tender to the touch (like does it hurt a bit when you push down on the red area - more than it would if you pushed somewhere else)?

i have been having something that sounds SO similar to your pain. mine is primarily in my legs, but this last time it was all over my limbs (legs and arms) and the pain was awful! i'm not a complainer about pain, but i literally could barely move. it was (as it has been with me before) accompanied by these red dots mainly on my upper legs/thighs, and they're slightly tender to touch. they seem to come and go randomly and are anywhere from a small red circle to a larger red blob.

my doctor diagnosed me with pulmonary osteoarthropy, which is pretty common in cfers she said. this is basically antibodies that we have in our blood from chronic infection coming together to make our joints and muscles flame up -- it mimics arthritis. with me it tends to indicate an infection, but i was also told that sometimes it flares up totally randomly or even a few weeks after an infection.

for me, pred really helped. it just lowered the inflammation level and made movement so much easier. but i also had to go on IVs again b/c i have an infection that's causing this flare up. for you the pred might be enough?

sorry for the super long post, but the similarities (esp the red dots) just seem like too big of a coincidence to ignore. hope your pain gets better!!!


OceanDesert said...

Sending you thoughts of relief!

Hope you're feeling better today... keep us posted.

Hugs cyster,


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