Wednesday, July 14, 2010

8 days down!

Tonight marks the 8th day of me being on abx! The good news is my O2 is lowered and I am "good enough" to be discharged Friday afternoon to finish my IV's at home. WOO HOO!! :)

This works out perfectly since its my mom's birthday is Saturday and we had always planned on my whole family coming over to my house to hang out and have dinner. So I am glad I won't miss that!

Still don't know what if anything is going to happen with the nurse who gave me the wrong insulin (read my last post for this info)..but you should see how the nurses are double and triple checking everything they do now. Its kind of funny....but im sure it wont last long. They are all being careful now because something just happened but give it a few weeks and im sure it will become more lax again.

I am just gonna be glad to get out of here and try and shed this solumedrol weight. Sure I have gained weight because I can eat anything in sight...but instead of it being good calories for good weight I am eating because I am starving and ALOT so its going right to my belly! Not a very flattering thing! :(

Oh yeah, and I wanted to ask anyone who has a port or a you still do normal exercising while they are accessed? I usually wait until I am completely done with my meds before I start working out again and I was just wondering if I could go to my yoga class with my port accessed next week. That way I will have only lost 2 weeks of classes and not over a month. Let me know!



Staceyb123 said...

I just got my PICC pulled today and did my hour long high impact aerobics class at least 7 times while I had it. My Dr. said I could do whatever physical activity I wanted as long as it wasn't a contact sport or in the water. It didn't hurt. I just took it a little easier when using the weights on that arm. Do what feels comfortable for you!

Piper said...

one of the major advantages of a port over a PICC line is you can still exercise. i had my first pport in my arm and still worked out with it accessed, and never had a problem or a clot or anything. if it's in your chest it's even easier. the basic rules are: don't do anything that will bump the port or expose it to heavy contact, don't get it wet when accessed, and don't let the needle pop out (this happened to me once and it was super painful b/c it came halfway out and then was moving around and poking me -- yikes!). the last one is easy to avoid if you don't do HEAVY stretching in the area with your port, so just be careful with the yoga.

yay for going home! enjoy!