Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I had to go to the hospital as an outpatient to get my port re-accessed and the dressing changed (happens once a week.) I usually never have to do this because I have wonderful nurse friends who come to my house and do it for me but they were both busy today and I needed it done, so in I went!

I could have home health come to my house and do it...but believe me when I tell you that was a SCARY experience I never want to have again. The nurse new nothing about accessing a port, down to she touched the needle itself with her BARE HANDS!! Um...hello ever here of sterile precautions when dealing with a medi-port? Jeez...needless to say I don't deal with home health anymore I do everything myself. Maybe that's why I am so tired all the time?

Anyway, once I was done at the hospital I decided to pop into my Dr's office since it is right next to the hospital to see if he could just take a quick listen to me since I am still not feeling to great. It just so happened that it was my lucky day and there was no one in his office and it was a clinic day too! So he actually gave me a full check-up which was really cool since I just showed up.

He says that I have a little bit of wheezing in my right upper lobe and a few crackles in both my uppers which is where I usually have my congestion. He ended up giving me another inhaler to do twice a day like the Advair hoping that will help out without me having to go back on prednisone since today was my last day (thank god!)

We both agreed that if by Monday I am still not feeling up to par I need to be re-admitted to the hospital. I am kinda bummed about this so please think positive thoughts that the next 4 days these antibiotics preform some sort of miracle and I miraculously feel a million times better or its back into contact isolation I go....oh joy.


Katey said...

Thinking positive thoughts and praying that the antibiotics will kick in and do their job so you can avoid the hospital!

I have a wonderful friend who is a nurse that accesses my port for me. One time when I was doing home IV's, i decided to let the home health nurse to access it. And like you....horrible experience...painful, uncomfortable..took way to many tries, etc. She acted like she had never done it before, which I knew wasn't true. Needless to say, I will not let my home health company access my port ever again. If my friend nurse can't do you....I can go to an outpatient room on our transplant floor and get it accessed! So I totally know where you are coming from. I need to teach my Mom how to do it but haven't done it yet.

Anyway...hope you start to feel much much better!!