Friday, July 16, 2010

Im Home!

After all day of trying to get home health situated because of an apparent Amikacin shortage I was finally discharged at around 7:00pm to go home. Lets just say they are lucky I got to come home because I would have been one unhappy camper if I didn't!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so my whole family is gonna come up for dinner and cake! :)

On a little side note...the nurse who gave me the wrong insulin resigned today. I feel kind of bad that she is now out of a job, I didn't want anybody to lose there job but at the same time what she did was VERY serious...I am very lucky I woke up!!

Can you imagine after all these years of having CF, being compliant with all my meds and taking care of myself, waiting for a double lung transplant and the thing that finally does me in is a nurse who can't read a chart? I don't think so!!