Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Health Update

Well I am sure as many of you already know last week I had a bronch done up in Gainesville to check and make sure I had no rejection after receiving treatment a month prior for the acute rejection my doctors had found.

I am pleased to report that the bronch results came back in recored time (the next day~usually its not till like thursday or friday I get results if my bronch is on a monday) and they were NEGATIVE for rejection!! YAY!! I can not begin to put into words how relieved I was to get those results. :)

While my mom and I were in Gainesville we also had an appointment with my vascular surgeon who did my Arterial Bypass surgery in February. I had an ABI test done and I have completely 100% normal blood flow in both my legs so that was another piece of good news! I have been having some minor swelling in my left foot/ankle from time to time lately which is what prompted me to make the appt (to make sure everything checked out ok) but the PA said that that could just be my "norm" now and that everything else looked good. So I don't have to go back to see them for another 6 months.

I did talk to my tx doctor about my back while I was up there. Ever since my surgery I have had aches and pains in my lower back but nothing that ever stopped me from doing anything. But the last month or so the pain has been SO bad that when I wake up in the morning I can barely move and unless I take something for the pain it will continue like that for the rest of the day...its HORRIBLE! :(

So Dr. Baz suggested that I go and see a Neurosurgeon in my hometown to make sure I don't have a chipped disc or disc disease due to Osteoporosis or anything like that. I for one don't think its either of those two, I feel its more like a pinched nerve or muscular but what do I know?? last Wednesday I went to see the Neuro guy and he agreed with me that he thinks its more muscular but couldn't rule anything out until I got a CT Scan and MRI done.

That was today. I have had many CT scans done so I knew what to expect but have never had an MRI so I was needless to say "a little anxious" about it considering I don't like things directly above my face! I was in the tube for an hour and since I am writing this blog tonight you can see I survived but let me assure you I did NOT enjoy any minute of it at ALL!! LOL

I got the films from the radiology place and now have to wait until next week to see the Neuro doc again to get a diagnosis. I will let you all know what he says but I am thinking some PT for my back is somewhere in my near future....wish me luck that that is the LEAST of my problems and that I don't have to go through any more surgeries!!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!


OceanDesert said...

SO happy to hear the great bronch results!!!

Hoping your neuro will have some answers about your back pain! PT has helped me a TON! In fact, I go again tomorrow and CAN'T wait! I feel it 'popping' and releasing and it feels wonderful... Lots of years of tight ribs and an invasive surgery can do that I guess! LOL But like you said, it's not debilitating, just painful and annoying...


Nadejda said...

healing reiki for your good luck