Tuesday, August 9, 2011

rATG and things..

I know I said I would update up all once my 5 day treatment was over...but once I got home I still had the body aches and slight itchiness that went alone with the drug. So I was in no mood to type an entry. Plus I was on a temporary "house arrest" since the rATG completely wiped out my immune system so I was told to stay aways from large crowds for a while!

I go back up to Gainesville on the 22nd of August to do another bronch and hope that all the rejection is gone! ***Everyone cross fingers***

Then at 1:45 I have an appointment with the vascular surgeons who worked on my leg...I have been having some swelling in my left foot and I just want to make sure everything is all good. So at 1:45 I have a ABIS test done to measure the pressures in my leg and then tuesday morning and 9:20 we have an actual appt with the dr who will go over the test results....and then we will be heading them!! :)

The last couple of weeks have been kind of boring for me being locked in the house and everything but its over now so I am a happy camper! I am eager to get back to the gym couldn't do that the last 2 weeks either so I am sure all the soreness I worked through all ready is gonna be back in full force!! Ouch...

The only other new thing I have been doing is seeing a massage lady once a month to work on my leg/foot pain and the pain I get in my lower back....it seems to be going good. I figure since I have the numbness in my foot/ankle/leg sometimes that the massage is good to getting the circulation moving around those ares again and I am hoping the feeling comes back!

Also, I used to write on this blog all the time because that's all i did was write about things that were going wrong with me. Well now that that has faded I think I am gonna try and change my format a little. I will still update on my health cause u know we all still have our ups and downs there just not as frequent!

So since I LOVE to cook every night and my friends are always asking for the recipes I figured every night after dinner (or lets be honest maybe the next morning) I will post the pictures of what we ate plus the corresponding recipe to that picture! Plus I am in the middle of re-doing some of our rooms so I will post pre and post of those projects as well!!

Well what do you think would you read a semi health/semi cooking/semi decorating blog from me?? Let me know what ya'll think!! :)


Jackie said...

Yes I will read it!!

Amy McWhorter said...
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Amy McWhorter said...

I would definately love to read them! And I'm a horrible cook so Chase would appreciate all the help I can get! Lol

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas Jen....I will read and use the recipes. Okay Julia Childs....start cooking :)