Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost done!

Well, I have finished all my shopping for Danny I just need to get him a few things for his stocking and then I am totally done with him!

This Holiday season I have completely fell in love with Amazon.com, not only are things cheaper than if I drove to the store to buy them but they have free shipping too! You can't beat that...

All I need is a few more items for a couple people and then we are done and then I am not going to the store again until AFTER the holidays because its like a mad house there and I hate that.

Brodie is home with us now, we picked him up on Sunday from my parents house. He was SO excited to see us he almost jumped right out of my moms arms when he saw me walking up the side walk...that made me feel really good because I thought he would forget about me! He was following Danny around all day he was probably thinking "you aren't gonna leave me this time buddy!" It was really funny.

I am still on my abx....its going ok I guess, I just hate the morning dose because it is so freaking early!! Its only till Monday though so I should be able to handle it! :)


Cara said...

Well, I feel like a complete slacker! I hardly have any Christmas shopping done at all. Shame on me! But, I do love amazon too! I buy all of my box from there.

Cara said...

I mean BOOKS. I buy all of my books from amazon. :) Can you tell my brain is just a little fried today?

feafer said...

Yea, those early morning meds stink, espeically when you don't have someone else to do it for you. LOL