Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nothing to do....

Its Sunday...there isn't anything on TV, I finished the 2 books my mom brought me and I have nothing else to do!! I am SO ready to go home, tomorrow is day 14 on abx and I probably have another week left. I am feeling much better than when I came in but not 100% yet.

Dr. Faverio (my wonderful Dr.) wasn't on call this weekend so I had to deal with the evil Dr. who was on call. I hate him and wish he didn't even have to come in my room...every time he does he pisses me off by something he says. OK enough of my rant... :)

I think everyone at home is sick right now so its probably a good thing I am here so I don't get there nasty colds!

p.s. I MISS MY PUPPY!!! :)