Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cookies!!

Today I spent most of the day baking Christmas cookies and candies. I had SO much fun I think I might make this a yearly tradition (this was my first year.) My sister Jessica was here along with my sister-in-law Stephanie and my niece and nephew, Colin & Delaney. Here are some pictures of today's fun...Enjoy!

My sister (in the green) with Steph & the kids making Sugar Cookies

me making toffee (please don't mind the pj's!)


All done!!

I'm not sure if I will be back on before Christmas so I am going to say Merry Christmas now in case I miss you! I hope everyone has a fantastic couple of days. :)


OceanDesert said...

You are so pretty!... PJ's and all! :) You guys made a ton of cookies.. Yum!!! Happy Holidays!!!

feafer said...

I always see you in PJ's, what's the difference?

Merry Christmas