Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's a few more hours....

Well, I thought I was going to be going home tomorrow sometime early afternoon and now I can't go home till AFTER my 6:00pm dose of medicine because of yet another hospital screw up!

A couple days ago my doctor came in my room and he told me that the one abx I was on (Azactam) is back ordered and that he has me and another CFer who is here on that med and there is only enough abx for 1 patient for the next 6 days and because she has other problems with any other med he puts her on she gets the 6 days of medicne and he is going to put me on something else effective this morning. Fine.

So today I specifically asked my nurse this afternoon when she was hanging my med if that was my new abx and she said no that it was my last does of Azactam and that my new abx, Amikacin wasn't going to be till 6:00.

Well at like 6:15 my doctor came in to see me and see how my day went and he asked me how I felt with the new abx....and I told him I didn't know that I was just getting it as we were speaking. He said "no, that is supposed to be your second dose" and I said "well, its not its my first" and he says "call your nurse."

Let me just say that my doctor is the sweetest nicest man in the world and I had always heard that he can get mad at the nurses and is kinda scary at times but I have NEVER seen it until now...he laid into that nurse, so much so that I felt awkward watching!

Anyway...I get side tracked.

Basically what happened is he wrote for me to start my abx this morning so that my 3rd dose was tomorrow morning before I went home so he could get the proper levels done (because remember he leaves for peru or something tomorrow night so he won't even be in the country) and now my third dose isn't till 6:00pm so it throws everything off!

The reason he was so mad at the nurse is he specifically wrote that I was to d/c the one abx and start the new one this morning and the nurses for whatever reason didn't follow them. I don't think he would have gotten that mad if it hasn't been like one thing after another and not just with me there have been problems with his other patients and I think he is really getting fed up.

Its just a few more hours but I thought I was going home earlier so I am a little bummed!! Oh well.


gahitstoni said...

Seems to me like your nurses are pretty incompetent. God I hope I'm not like that. I hope you feel better!!

Jen said...

there are a select few who I think are know who you are!! :)

and then there are some that you wonder how they have a job....

feafer said...

I think there are few AWESOME nurses too.

Thankfully, that is the least of your mix-ups. Human errors have been greater unfortunately.

Alicia said...

That's a crazy story! It's great to know that your doctor is typically a kind man, but that he cares about YOU and comes to YOUR defense. Love it!