Monday, December 29, 2008


So tomorrow is my first "official" day at pulmonary rehab. I am anxious and nervous all wrapped into one because I know its going to be hard and I will probably be wiped out by the time I get home!

Wednesday night we are having a New Year's eve party at our house. We had one last year too and it was a lot of fun so I am looking forward to that. I will hopefully take a few pictures so I can put them up to share with all of you! I always plan on taking pictures but sometimes I get distracted! :)

Oh yeah....did I mention that the Miami Dolphins are the AFC East division Champions??!! Go Fins!! Now all we need to do is keep it together long enough to survive the playoffs. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


OceanDesert said...

Good luck at rehab!!! It WILL be worth it!!!