Monday, August 18, 2008

Looks like a hurricane!!

Well...looks like we will be having a category 1 hurricane tomorrow morning! It is only a Tropical Storm right now but it is predicted to strengthen and make land fall right here in SW Florida.

We aren't to worried, I have lived here my whole life and have been through every storm that has come through here as far back as Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Plus, my husband just remodeled our house and we have hurricane impact windows and doors so we are completely safe. I will let everyone know how it goes tonight and into the morning.

On the plus side my cousin is still here from NY and I have LOVED spending time with her! Her flight to go home is Wednesday night so depending on the storm she might be here a few more days! I wouldn't mind that one bit. ;)

We had a girls night out dinner and a movie Friday night. We saw Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2, it was very cute. Saturday night we went out to a karaoke bar and had a blast...I will post pictures was hilarious.

Anyway...don't worry about the storm we plan on just snuggling on the couches and watching a good movie. Talk to you all soon!



Cara said...

Enjoy your couch cuddling time! Nothing is better than curling up under a blanket during a storm!