Friday, August 29, 2008

General Hospital: Night Shift

So, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some General Hospital! But what some people don't know is that General Hospital now has a prime-time spin off show called General Hospital: Nightshift.

It has some of the same characters from the daytime show and some new characters and it mostly centers around the hospital at night and the different cases that come into the hospital and the drama between doctors and nurses, etc. whereas GH during the day isn't always at the hospital. Also, unlike the daytime show which airs everyday and never ends and doesn't have repeats. Nightshift is once a week on Tuesday nights and has 13 episode seasons that air on soapnet. The shows also match up with each other so sometimes they will refer to the other show and vice versa to have story lines coincide.

Anyway my point is (I promise I have one) I watch both shows but we don't have soapnet here so I can't watch it on Tuesday nights I have to wait until someone post the show on youtube and then I watch it. So this morning as I was doing my morning treatments/vest I watched the show from this week....and guess what one of the main storylines was about?? That's right CF! Let me tell you I thought it was a joke, I really would have thought they would have done a little more research than they did before airing a story like that. Oh well.

If anyone is interested in checking it out, here it is. They can't upload the whole show at once so you have to watch it in 6 different clips but that isn't to bad. If you watch it let me know what you think!



Heather Gibbs said...

Hey Jen,
I hope you're feeling better. We missed you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the belly ache is gone. How's it going working out?

Anonymous said...

We missed you the other night in FISH training. We like having you be a part of the department - I know you would have enjoyed this training - it was about having fun at work. Can't wait until you're back - Barb