Sunday, February 22, 2009

I need help!!

My doctor is not on call this weekend and I did not have a good morning. The nurses have certain "guidelines" they have to follow so they can only call the doctor who is covering for him.

I REALLY feel it is in my best interest that my doctor know what is going on. Am I stepping over the line if I call him myself??

Let me know what you would do....


Amy said...

I would call him!!!!! I agree with you, he knows your case, he knows you.

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

(((HUGS))) hope you feel better!

Christy said...

I'd call him. Once when Mackenzie was in the hospital the Pulmonologist that was on call was horrible - I e-mailed Mackenzie's doctor! He came to visit as a "guest" but helped us so much more because he was familiar with her and us!

Marcus said...

I would definitely call him. As a matter of fact, from my time as an ER secretary I have almost all of our doctor's cell phone numbers. If you need one of them let me know. I'm sure they would help too :) Just don't tell them how you got the #

Piper said...

Call him. If you have your doctor's pager/cell number, it's for a reason. You're totally not abusin the privilege to call when you need help with your health -- that's what it's there for! Not to mention CF is complicated enough, so you definitely need someone with familiarity with your case to help you get the right treatment.

Good luck with it and hope you feel better soon!

Christy said...

I totally agree with everyone else. I've had many problems with the weekender docs. I feel for you!

I hope you feel better soon, and don't have to stay in club med too long.