Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on bipap

Just to clarify a couple of things about the bipap. My doctor is suggesting I use the bipap machine ONLY to sleep with like people who have sleep apnea or snoring problems do. It in no way is because I can't breath on my own or because its being used instead of venting because I am absolutely NOT there! (Thank God)

To answer Sara's question: He says that sleeping with the bipap at night will be beneficial to me because I won't be working as hard to breath while asleep, which in turn will give me a better nights rest and I will wake up more rested and with more energy. I would also be burning less calories to breath. Oh yeah, and I asked him about the drying out part and not being able to cough things up and he said that it "could happen" but that its different with everyone.

There was a couple other things he said but honestly I can't remember because I am just trying to get past the mask part! I am probably not going to try it until either the weekend or next week once I am feeling better so I will keep you posted.

On a lighter weight is up and the liters of O2 I am on is down so I am headed in the right direction!! :)


Piper said...

Jen, I don't use bipap, but I know a lot of cystics who do and they all do it for more or less the same reasons your doctor gave you. I think it's less of a saturations thing and more of a "give your body a rest" type of deal. But that said, I totally get where you're coming from with being resistant to this. Even aside from the mask, it's another crappy CF milestone and those always suck. I wish I had something more insightful to offer, but basically I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're dealing with this right now :(

Glad to hear that you're heading in the right direction though. Here's to a quick recovery and no more nasty CF-related surprises for a while!

OceanDesert said...

Thanks for the info on the bi-pap! Like I said, they only wanted to put me on it once, so I don't know too much about it... BUT I am SO glad to hear it's not b/c you're desatting or having trouble breathing!

Christy said...

Congrats on the lower O2 and the increased weight.

I had a good friend who was on bipap and he loved it. I really hope it works for you. I do understand the hesitancy towards it! Hang in there girl. You are in my prayers.

Emily said...

Hi Jen,
I *just* discovered your blog and I feel like i'm reading my own journals.
I had a lung transplant in 2005 in Ohio, and I blogged about that and life post-tx on my blog at
I look forward to following your entries!!
BTW: I turn 27 in April. :)

Emily said...

Oh, and I HATED bi-pap. All of it. The mask just drove me nuts. I found that I did better if I had a specific time goal in mind. Like, OK, it can come off at 6:00 or whatever.

Amy said...

Funny my mom and I where talking tonight about a friend of ours who just got his bi-pap for snoring. I INSTANTLY though of you!!!

He said he doesn't mind it though because the mask is super small and the machine is tiny and quiet. Though now his wife can't sleep since she is used to him snoring ;)

I hope you can overcome the phobia-type thing and be able to give your body a good rest! I don't know how I would feel about it either!!