Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Tired!!

I am SUPER tired today. Last night, I could not sleep for anything! I laid there tossing and turning and right when I think I might be falling a asleep...I get a charlie horse in my foot! This hardly ever happens to me usually my head hits the pillow and I am out for the whole night I just don't know what the deal was.

Of course I eventually did fall asleep but it seemed like it was 30 minutes before my alarm went off at 7 to get up and start getting ready for pulmonary rehab. I was sitting there like a zombie doing my morning meds I got dressed then laid back down for like 15 minutes and then finally I made myself get up and leave early just so I wouldn't try to go back to bed!

Its a good thing I did because when I got there the lady told me I had to go to registration in the front part of the hospital because there was a problem with my insurance. Since I was already tired I was NOT thrilled about having to get in my car again and drive to another building of the hospital but I did and it ended up not even being a problem it was actually a waste of 1/2 an hour!

Pulmonary rehab was kind of difficult for me today and I think its just because I had zero energy going into the class because I have been doing well. When I finished I came right home had lunch and then crashed on the bed for an hour. I felt better but I am still not 100% a good nights sleep tonight will help im sure.

I have sleeping pills but I usually only need help sleeping when I am in the hospital I don't usually like to take anything at by the time its so late that I think I need a sleeping pill its almost to late to take it because then I am afraid I won't wake up on time in the morning! Oh Well.

So does anybody have special plans for the weekend? I am not sure what all we are doing on Saturday, but I did make reservations for us at the Melting Pot for dinner Sunday night. We have never been there before so we are both looking forward to it! I am sure I will post some pictures. Till then~~TTYL :)