Friday, February 20, 2009


I didn't go to the doctors. Just getting up to get ready for the doctors was taking ALL of my energy and I didn't want to go to the doctors alone in case he wanted to admit me.

So I called the office and explained all my symptoms (tired, shortness of breath, low temp) and asked if it was ok to not come in and that I felt it might be time for IV's.

Originally I didn't think it was time to be admitted but when I got up to get ready to go to my appointment today and had ZERO energy to do anything I had to be honest and say to myself that it might be time for abx and I wanted to be pro-active and nip it in the bud before I get really sick instead of trying to prolong the inevitable (which sometimes I tend to do.)

So I called the office and spoke to his wonderful nurse Lucy and asked her if he was on call this weekend and of course he's not. So I asked if he would allow me to be admitted on Monday and he said yes so that's the plan. He want's me to wear my O2 all weekend and up my breathing treatments to every 4 hours until then.

I will make sure to let you all know how I feel through out the weekend and when I finally get settled at the hospital. I am just hoping this admission isn't as hectic as my last!!


Christy said...

Sorry you have to go in for IV's, but I'm praying that they do the trick and you are feeling better soon. I hope your weekend isn't too bad.

OceanDesert said...

UGh, Jen, so sorry to hear that you're getting admitted, but hopefully it's just a short stay and you're feeling better soon!
I remember when you just "know" when it's time to go in...
Lay low this weekend :)

ps.. I don't like the way AI is doing the "narrowing down" this year either.. seems more drawn out to me...