Monday, February 23, 2009

My doctors back!!

Well, my wonderful doctor was in this morning and after looking at my x-ray we have figured out why I couldn't breath yesterday morning.

I have not one but TWO mucous plugs in my left lung along with a crap load of mucous in the base of both lungs. He thinks that one of the plugs must have been moving yesterday morning and that's what was causing my shortness of breath.

Now usually when I am admitted to the hospital and I get my x-ray done it comes back unchanged. Meaning that even though I was sick and needing IV's not much had changed on the x-ray from previous ones.

But this x-ray came back with 2 plugs and a crap load of mucous and that's a little discouraging for me. I have been working SO hard at pulmonary rehab and really trying to move around more and be active even though I need my O2 because I know its beneficial and even with all that I get sick....and not just sick WORSE than I was before. I hate that.

Why am I even trying the pulmonary rehab if its not gonna help?? Anyway...that's just my little rant. I have a lot of work to do getting this crap out of my lungs. Wish me luck, I will need it.


OceanDesert said...

I am glad to hear your doc is back.. that has to make things better.. I know you must be discouraged, but just think how perhaps even worse you may feel right now if you hadn't been doing all these awesome things to help yourself?

With CF it seems like we will always be 2 steps forward, 10 steps back.. always trying to catch up..

But, Jen, you are doing everything you can and that is the most you can do!! :)

Do you know if these repeated infections will "up" your score for the "the list?" .. or are they affecting your PFT's?.. cause I know that is what upped me on the list when my PFT was dropping...


feafer said...

You're doing great, and doing everything you are supposed to do.

I am so proud of the way you handled yourself yesterday morning. You remained calm and you did your breathing until RT got there. Mindset it part of it.

Think about how it could have been had you NOT been doing pulmonary rehab. Perhaps the rehab is breaking up stuff, and that is why there is more movement.

Not necessarily a bad thing.

See you later.