Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day in the ER....

Don't worry for once it wasn't me!!! :)

Danny and I were out running some errands and around 3:30pm (est) my mom calls to tell me that my little brother Jordan (he is in 11th grade) had been hurt in a wrestling match and that his back/neck were hurt and his legs felt numb so they were taking him by ambulance to the hospital near by.

Now my parents live about an hour away from Danny and I and Jordan was at a high school about 30 minutes north of us. So we did a quick U-turn since we were already in the car and high tailed it to the hospital so he wasn't waiting with just his coach until my parents showed up.

When we got there he was worried about his back and in a lot of pain but he loosened up a little when I was cracking jokes to make him smile! I told him if he wanted to hang out with me all he had to do was call he didn't have to go and cause a scene. Plus he had on O2 so I told him he was trying to match me! :)

Once my parents got there they took him back for a x-ray and cat scan. It took FOREVER for them to come back to tell us the results and the crappy part was that they wouldn't take him of the board or take the neck brace off until they got the results back so they had him laying like that for hours! He was a trooper though and didn't really complain until the end when the neck brace started to bother him.

Luckily the test all came back fine for his back and neck they will just be sore for a week or so. Unfortunately he did break his nose so he will have 2 nice black eyes soon!

On a high note...he did win the match so he is going to the state championship which he may or may not be able to compete in depending on what the ENT dr says about his nose.

It's a real good thing we didn't have reservations for dinner until tomorrow night!! I would have been kind of disappointed because I am REALLY excited about the Melting Pot.

I hope everyone had a good day and is spending time with their Valentine....mine's playing video games as we speak!! :(


Amy said...

glad to hear he is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!